Neimënster to Accommodate Care Home Staff in Artist Residences

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In the context of an unprecedented health crisis, Luxembourg’s authorities and neimënster have decided to open up accommodation intended for artists-in-residence to SERVIOR care home staff.

Employees of SERVIOR, Luxembourg’s largest manager of care and retirement homes for senior citizens, now have the option of staying in the now vacant artist-in-residence accommodation located in the old cells of the Robert Bruch building at Neumünster Abbey. The measure aims to help front line staff cope with the coronavirus crisis while they continue to work with isolated and vulnerable people who are at a higher risk of getting seriously ill from the virus.

The artist-in-residence accommodation in the Robert Bruch building encompasses three apartments, six duplexes and six studios that can accommodate a total of fifteen people. These dwellings initially housed a military hospital before being used as a prison until 1985. To minimise the risk of infection, hydroalcoholic gel (hand sanitiser) has been set up at the building’s entrance and in the hallways.

Neimënster has attributed its decision to accommodate these key workers to the desire to show solidarity and support front line healthcare staff so that they can ensure the continuation of essential services during the current crisis.

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